Project Description

Torch on roof

If you are looking for a fairly indestructible and appealing roof that will stay water-resistant for approximately 20 years, flat roofing is your answer. How to do the flat roof? ‘torch on roofing’ is preferred.

Torch on roofing” or “Torch down roofing “is quite similar to tar and gravel roofing without the gravel, so it is much lighter. It is a form of asphalt roll roofing.

Two layers of modified bitumen (tar) melted together with a torch’s help to melt together. The name “Torch” is also derived from it. Torch-on builds a roof that is ideal for Lower Mainland’s wet season as they resist ultraviolet light and water.

Torch-on roofs are ideally useful for flat roofs where easily collects ice, snow, or rain for a more extended period. Torch on roof protects your whole roof with a thickness of 4 mm.

Different forms of Torch on Roofing
You can easily get Torch-on roofing in a two-layer or three-layer system:

The two-layered Torch on roofing system is usually made up of 2 plies as the name suggests, one is the smooth base ply, and the other one is ply with granular surface
The three-layered Torch on roofing system has an asphaltic board, a smooth base ply, and a top granular surfaced ply. The three-ply roof is better and durable than the two-ply system; hence it is the preferred choice.
Advantages of Torch On Roof
Cost-effective and Durable, it lasts for about 15 to 20 years, and doesn’t need maintenance during this period.
It provides you a lighter roof with no gravel to block drains. It provides most of the benefits of traditional tar and gravel roofs though it doesn’t use gravel ballast.
Torch-on roofs are designed for all climates. These roofs contract in the cold and expand under heat without getting cracked like other materials.
Roof Maintenance
It doesn’t matter what roofing material you use; however, maintenance is necessary to keep your roof work effectively and to increase its durability.

Inspecting your attic and roof regularly is essential. This will help you to timely discover and repair leaks as soon as you get them. However, it is possible that you might not find the leak straight away; still, it is better to look for it. These small leaks can lead to huge problems.

During the inspection, you may find any debris build up on your roof, try to remove them as well. This is generally advisable to those who have flat roofs. While checking your roof, make sure you check the protrusion on the roof i.e., chimney areas and areas around gutters. You may find them trivial, but these cannot be ignored. To improve the life span of your roof, you have to timely notice and repair.

Torch On Roofs Installation
You must be surprised to know that there is no need to remove your existing roof every time you install Torch on roofs. If your existing roof is in decent shape and form, you can probably install Torch on roof over the existing roof. Amazing? Isn’t it?